Tiller Accessories

Popular tiller accessories include:

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  • FG110

Create a polished look walkways at the edges of your flower beds or even along.

Digging Tines
  • FG110

For those tough jobs like breaking up clumped soil or weeded patches, these powerful tines make it easy and efficient.

  • FG110
  • FC600

Great for helping get oxygen and nutrients to the roots of your lawn, keeping it thick and healthy.

  • FG110

Gently but effectively helps to extract dead matter from your lawn. Thatch and debris tend to interfere with lawn growth.

Furrower Kits
  • F220 (7.75")
  • FC600 (11")
  • FRC800 (10")

Saves time by creating even, deep planting rows that are ready for seed.

Side Disc Kit
  • F220

Side discs prevents dirt, rocks and debris from being thrown out to the sides onto vegetation. Side discs allow cultivating up close to growing plants without damage.