Product Recalls

Update: EB2200i and EU2200i Fuel Valve Recall Parts Availability
Recall Date Model Affected Units Description
March 2019 EB2200i EAJT-1000001 - EAJT-1005474 Fuel Leak from Fuel Valve
EU2200i EAMT-1000001 - EAMT-1260796
EU2200i Companion
EU2200i Camo
Dec 2017 EB2800i EAAA-1000037 - EAAA-1015421 Carburetor Fuel Leak
EG2800i EABA-2000047 - EABA-2020152
Sept 2014 EU7000isAT EEJD-1000001-EEJD-1006288 Incorrect Carton Hazard Labels
EEJD-1000001-EEJD-1006288 Rear Pipe Failure
EEJD-1000892-EEJD-1006288 Owner's Manual Error
Oct 2012 EU2000i EAAJ-2260273 - EAAJ-2485025 Fuel Tube Leak
April 2011 EM4000SX EBRC-1000015 - EBRC-1000518 Incorrect Battery Safety Label
EM5000SXK3 EBMC-1000005 - EBMC-1001184
EM6500SXK2 EBJC-1000017 - EBJC-1000857
Lawn Mower
Recall Date Model Affected Units Description
Jan 2014 HRR2169VLA MZCG-8764917 - MZCG-8824353 Engine Stop Switch
HRX2174VLA MAGA-2255148 - MAGA-2260227
June 2008 HRX217(K)2HXA MAGA - 1500001 ~ 1520532 Rear Shield May Separate
April 2008 HRB217HXA All models beginning with "MAEA" Broken Roto-Stop Return Spring
HRX217HMA MAGA - 1000001 ~ 1513628
Sept. 2007 HRX217KHXA MAGA - 1400001 ~ 1453724 Cracked Fuel Tank
July 2003 HRB216TXA MAAA-1005910-1047430 Roto-stop® Brake Plate Failure
HRB216HXA MAAA-1005790-1055830
Feb 2002 HRC216K1SXA MZAN-6170001-6183800 Fuel Tube Connection
Jan 2000 HRR216 Engine GJAE-1128495-1438098 Fuel Tank Leakage
Dec. 1995 SLK7000 SULKY SLK10000-1000300 Hitch Rod Failure
Lawn Tractor / Riding Mower
Recall Date Model Affected Units Description
Jan. 1998 H2013 MZBF-6000001-6107254 PTO Arm
Nov. 1995 H1011AS All models shipped before Febuary 1, 1995 Clutch Rod
Aug. 1988 HTR3009 MA1T-5000033-5018092 Rear Axle
Snow blower
Recall Date Model Affected Units Description
Oct. 2015 HSS724AAT SABA-1000231- SABA-1000516 Owner's Manual Printing Error
HSS724AAW SABA-1000015 - SABA-1000217
Nov. 2010 HS724 SZBE-1037913 ~ 1046577 Fuel Tank Joint
HS928 SZAS-1151080 ~ 1169012
HS1132 SZBF-1018734 ~ 1025998
Recall Date Model Affected Units Description
May. 2016 FG110K1AT FAAA-1200001 - FAAA-1540524 Throttle Cable / Engine Stop Switch Wire Pinched
Nov. 2010 FG110K1AT Frame FAAA-1262887~1267393* Fuel Tank Grommet
Engine GCALT-1696948~1700567
*Not all tillers in the frame serial number range are affected by this recall. You must check the engine serial number to verify affected units.
Recall Date Model Affected Units Description
Feb. 2012 HHT35SUKAT HAHA-1000001 - HAHA-1017345
(bicycle handle models only)
Frame Pipe Broken

Accessory Recalls

Recall Date Model Affected Units Description
March 2010 No-Spill Gas Cans 5 gal. gas containers manufactured July 21-Aug 10 2009 Can may leak