Brochures, Manuals, and Support Videos

How can I get an Owner's Manual?
How can I purchase a Shop Manual?
How can I purchase a Parts Catalog?

General Information

Where do I locate my model number?
What should I do if I’m having problems with my Honda Power Equipment?
How can I purchase maintenance and/or repair parts for my Honda equipment?
How can I contact Power Equipment Customer Relations?
Can I use synthetic oil in my Honda equipment?
How can I become a Honda Power Equipment dealer?
What fuel should I use in my Honda?
How do I figure out how many ounces of oil to use? It only lists quarts.


What should I do if I didn’t receive all the parts and accessories when I purchased my Honda Product?
Reconditioned mower information.


When will I receive paperwork for the one year extended warranty promotion on my HRX, HRR or HRS lawn mower?
How long is my warranty?
Where can I get warranty repairs?
How do I transfer the warranty from the first owner?


Service Outside the U.S.

How can I get service in Canada?
Where can I get my Honda equipment serviced if I am not in the United States?

Snow blowers

My HS720 Snow blower won’t start. What should I do?
Why is there oil on the recoil starter rope on my snow blower?

Pressure Washers

Where do I take my pressure washer for service?


What do I do if my Honda engine isn’t working?

Lawn Mowers

I'm having problems pulling up the handles when I'm setting up my new lawn mower.
Reconditioned mower information.
Do I need a spark arrester?
How do I charge the battery on my HRR216K9VLA • HRX217K4HZA/VLA • HRX217K5HZA/VLA Lawn Mower?
How do I clean the spark arrester?
How do I know when my grass needs cutting?
How do I know I have the height of the lawn mower set correctly?
How do I know if my lawn mower blade needs sharpening?
What are the recommendations for cutting grass that is very dry or wet?
What precautions should be observed when clearing a clogged mower deck?
Should I adjust the engine speed while I mow?
Does it matter what direction I mow?
What is the best way to mow fallen leaves?
Are how-to videos available for my mower?



Are how-to videos available for my generator?