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What to Expect During Installation

Installation is a 5 step process:

Miimo operates within a boundary wire, installed around the perimeter of your lawn. Proper installation is key to the performance of your Miimo – which is exactly why your Miimo will be installed by your local Honda Miimo dealer.


Pre-Installation Consultation

Your dealer will start with an in person consultation at your home. This allows him or her to survey the size and complexity of your yard, determine which Miimo is best for your needs, and create an installation plan. Your dealer will also provide a written estimate of the cost to install Miimo.

Your consultation will include:

  • Discussing your goals and expectations
  • Checking your yard for any potential issues, like steep slopes or drop offs
  • Determining where the best starting points are to ensure complete coverage
  • Locating a good spot for the charging station
  • Determining the layout of the boundary wire

Site Preparation

If necessary, your yard may need some minor landscaping changes to make it right for Miimo. For example, adding an outlet in an appropriate location for the docking station, or filling in holes in the lawn. If your grass is taller than 2 ½ inches, it will also need to be mowed to an appropriate height prior to installation.



Your Honda dealer will install Miimo. This includes installing the docking station and the boundary wire.



Next, the dealer will program Miimo to your custom needs, including Miimo’s mowing schedule.


Testing and Training

Finally, your dealer will test Miimo to ensure everything is working right. Your dealer will also review Miimo safety and basic operation with you, so you are comfortable and confident with your Miimo.

Common Installation Questions

How does the boundary wire work?

Your dealer will install the boundary wire around the perimeter of your lawn. The boundary wire connects to Miimo’s charging station, which sends a signal through the wire. Miimo is able to sense the wire, so it knows where to mow and where to stop and turn around.

When Miimo’s battery gets low, Miimo follows the boundary wire back to its charging station to recharge.?

The boundary wire also goes around obstacles and areas that you don’t want to mow, like trees, flower beds, water features, and outbuildings.?

Is set up and installation an extra fee? If so, how much will it cost?

Yes. Cost of installation is dependent on the size and complexity of the yard. Your dealer will prepare a written estimate for you during the pre-installation consultation.

What comes in the box?

Your Miimo includes the Miimo unit itself and everything needed to install it - the boundary wire, charging station, transformer, boundary wire pegs, and connectors. There’s no need to buy a separate installation kit.

Is the boundary wire buried?

Depending on the grass type, yard layout, and climate, there are pros and cons to burying the wire. In some locations, the boundary wire can be installed using pegs. In other installations, burying the boundary wire may be preferable. Your dealer will discuss both options to determine which is recommended for your yard.

Does the dealer have to install my Miimo?

Yes, an authorized Honda Miimo dealer must install your Miimo. Your dealer is an expert on Miimo and will ensure your Miimo is set up and working properly – making sure you have a positive experience, from start to finish.

Miimo Virtual Test Drive

Want to check out how Miimo will perform in your yard? Try our Miimo simulator for a virtual test drive. Plug in your address, trace your lawn, and let a virtual Miimo get to work!

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