Youku Tudou Inc. (NYSE: YOKU)

Youku Tudou Inc. (NYSE: YOKU) is a leading entertainment and media company in China. We are committed to building an expansive multi-screen entertainment and media ecosystem for the global Chinese audience through our 6 business units, Youku platform, Tudou platform, Heyi Pictures, Cloud Entertainment, Heyi Studios, and Innovative Marketing. Youku Tudou’s American depositary shares, each representing 18 of Youku Tudou’s Class A ordinary shares, are traded on the NYSE under the symbol “YOKU”.

Our content mix consists of web native content and domestic and international licensed content. We boast the largest collection of web native Content in China with UGC and PGC through our Youku Original Productions. We are building an open ecosystem to attract more PGC partners and capitalize on the next stage of online video which focuses on more participatory, interactive and collaborative web native video content. Youku Tudou’s extensive library of syndicated content consists of television dramas, feature films, news programming, variety shows, music videos, animated features, and much more.

With a user base of 580 million monthly unique visitors, our content is accessible across multiple screens making us one of the top internet entertainment and media destinations in China.

Our brand extends across the online and offline world through subscription membership, mobile gaming, smart hardware, merchandise and others. Through Heyi Pictures, we have co-produced dozens of feature films for the silver screen as well as establishing ourselves as the number 1 online movie marketer in China.

The same qualities that make us the favorite video site of Chinese internet users have also made us the clear choice for advertisers, with our premium advertising environment and innovative and engaging cross-media marketing capabilities. Youku has forged partnerships with nearly 900 brand advertisers over the past several years, including household names like P&G, Coca-Cola, General Motors, Apple, Lenovo, Samsung, and China Mobile.

“The World is Watching” - Founded in November 2005, Youku launched in beta in June 2006 and opened to the public in December 2006. Youku has since expanded and diversified its library to include a combination of web native content and licensed professional content. With its positive and mainstream brand position, Youku has become one of China’s most influential online entertainment and media brands. December 8, 2010, Youku became the first Chinese internet video company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
“Everyone is a Director” - Officially launched in April 2005, Tudou -- originally Toodou -- was China's first video-sharing website with a focus on user-generated content. Now, with an emphasis on young and edgy culture, the Tudou platform is a community where users showcase personality and interact across creators, fans and idols. August 17, 2011, Tudou listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange.