Founded in November 2005, Youku launched in beta in June 2006 and opened to the public in December 2006.

Youku’s extensive library of content has made us the number one choice of Chinese internet users looking for television dramas, feature films, news programming, variety shows, music videos, animated features, sports coverage, and much more. Licensed content is available under a range of models including free ad-supported viewing and paid subscription or on-demand viewing.

In addition to Youku Tudou's more obvious role as a licenser and syndicator of TV content in the otherwise highly fragmented Chinese TV market, the company also works actively with rights holders to jointly promote, produce, and distribute content.

Youku Tudou offers diverse client applications for all major device platforms, including a suite of specialized mobile apps provides rich dedicated functionality: the iKu Remote allows users to play back, share, and control online video between mobile devices, computers, tablets, and network-connected televisions and HTPCs, while Youku Paike offers mobile shooting, editing, and uploading functionality for video bloggers on the go.

Youku’s partnerships with popular Chinese social networks like Sina Weibo, Renren, and QZone have made its platforms an integral part of the Chinese social networking experience, and deep integration with Apple's OS X Mountain Lion and iOS 6 operating systems makes video sharing and uploading easier than ever before.

The same qualities that make Youku the favorite video site of Chinese internet users have also made us the clear choice for advertisers, with our premium advertising environment and innovative and engaging cross-media marketing capabilities. Cutting-edge user-tracking and analytics tools like Youku Index give advertisers an unprecedented look at how viewers relate to their content, with fine-grained tracking of viewing behavior and social-media engagement.